Quickly Creating Multiple Copies

I want to be able to move and crate a copy of a selection. I can currently do this with the move cursor/ctrl, but when I click to place the object, I have to pick it back up again. Is there a way I can place a copy of the object WITHOUT dropping the one I’m holding?

If you want all the copies to be the same distance apart, after you place the first one, type in the VCB the number of copies you want an then an “x”. Don’t click in the box, just type after you drop the first copy. The number of copies will include the first one you dropped.

Unfortunately the copies are randomly spaced :pensive:

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Check out the Extensions Warehouse, I cant remember the extensions name itself. BUT the authors name is Chris Fullmer, there is a authors column to select from. I am ALL MOST positive it is free and it allows you to select the item. It needs to be a component or a group if I can remember. Then you can click and drop it. As many times or any random order or plane. Great for plants or trees and I thought you could constrain or plot points say if you are dropping lights or parking meters in a Mall parking lot. He has a short video that shows what it actually does before you install it to see if it fits your needs. Check it out…Peace…
Just checked $10.00 dollars but that is still very reasonable if you are working commercially.

I think you may be dragging with [ctrl] ? not that it makes much difference;

if you make a selection, click [move], tap [ctrl], click the reference point (from), click the next reference point (to) then the new (duplicate) is selected: tap [ctrl] again, click the reference point (from), repeat until finished.

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Thanks SketchUp Sages, this helped me alot in making the rungs of a ladder!

What feature are you referring to? Making multiple copies in an array which has been around forever or something else? Maybe this?
This is a native feature in SketchUp 2021.

Double clicking ctl is the answer.

You could have said that

You hadn’t made it clear what you were asking for. That’s why I asked for clarification. If you had made it clear I would have told you.

I think you are lucky that it was Dave who responded, he has the patience of a saint. Others may not have replied to your rather disparaging comment quite so helpfully.

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And you could have read what is at the bottom edge of your screen.

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You could also have read the release notes for the 2021 upgrade and/or watched the video Aaron released in June last year.