Duplication d'objet

je viens d’acquérir sketchup 2021 et impossible de dupliquer des objets…je les déplace mais je ne peux les dupliquer directement…merci d’avance de votre aide

Translated by Google:

I have just acquired sketchup 2021 and cannot duplicate objects … I move them but I cannot duplicate them directly

Make sure you are not holding Ctrl. A simple tap and release will do it. This was a change with SU 2021. You should read the release notes to see what else has changed.

The ‘Move’ tool has three different options or temporary settings if you wish.
Move is to move a selection
Move and tapping Ctrl once: gives you move+ (see cursor), to copy the selection once.
Move and tapping Ctrl twice: gives you the opertunity to make multiple copies (see changed cursor) of the selection, one after the other.