Copy with divide distance bug?

can’t get copy with divide to work as documented
if you give the distance then /n or n/ does not work but n/ distance does… surely this is the wrong way round or is it just my system

Are you hitting the Enter key after you type the distance?

Are you using any other tool in between or change the selection? If you activate Move Tool without anything pre-selected merely moving the mouse can alter the selection once the move has been performed. The /n needs to be written directly after moving.

Think I have been adding the /n after the size obtained from the hit for the move inadvertantly doing things like making 72855 copies instead of the first copy being 7285 away and divided 5 times.
wish things were less "intuitively inferered " and more absolute.
being doing CAD and 3d modelling for 30 years but I find SU very frustrating.

thanks guys

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