Ctrl key, copy


I got a new computer yesterday. Downloaded Pro 2022.
I am working on a drawing, and I need to make copies of an item (something I have done thousands of times). The ctrl and move tool doesn’t seem to function right. I have to press the ctrl key twice for the copy mode to engage, and even then, it wont let move the copy to a specific distance.
Does anyone know if I need to set something up for this to work right?

Copy move was changed relatively recently so that the ctrl action is a toggle rather than a hold.
So tap once to make it copy/move, tap twice to turn on ‘stamp’ which will place copies at each click.

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Thank you.
I will give it a try.
I don’t like this change at all. Very finicky.

You’ll get used to it. Also note that clicking Ctrl twice gives you a new option to stamp copies of the object wherever you click.

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