Create multiple items along a path?

I’m looking for a faster way then just copy and pasting each section i need and lining it up.

Is there way to when i draw my line that the wall sections are created along that line? I was looking at the flowme tool and was trying to use that but was failing.

Thank You


Take a look at the Profile Builder 2 plugin. Think it will do exactly what you want to do.

Do you use Copy/move? You can copy/move one instance a given direction and distance, then type a number and the letter “x” to make that many copies in a row. Select the object, invoke the move tool, hit modifier key control on PC I think, move your object and you will see a copy of it being moved, click to set it next to the previous, then type 6x or 22x. I don’t want to over-explain something you already know but if you’re not familiar with this then it might help.

yes i have been copying and using the move tool to do this. I still trying to figure out how to do what you said, I can use what you said to make the work faster. I could buy plug in but with just buying sketchup i want to learn to use it without any plugins first.

Don’t copy or paste. Move/Copy is a modified use of the move tool. First select an object then choose the move tool, then hit the modifier key (on mac it’s option but on PC I believe it’s Control.) you should see a small plus appear next to the move tool then grab your object and move a copy next to the original. place it by clicking, then let go of the mouse and type x and then a number to tell sketchup you want that many copies moved the same distance each time. You can continue to change the number of copies by retyping a new number until you click els-where.


Thank You it took me a few tries to get it to work. Have a great night

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