How to make an model or object of a design so I can copy paste in any other sketches?



Well, It might be very very simple issue.
I generally use the models from 3D warehouse, but this time I have made an object/ model myself.
Now, I want to use my object or sketch for my other designs…
My problem is I am unable to make model like warehouse models.
e.g. when we download an model from warehouse and when we copy that model , an entire design is covered with square box and we can copy paste in our design.
Now, I want to make the same thing , when I select the model it should be covered with square box so I can copy paste in my design…right now I have to select each line and design area and then I have to copy paste it…
How to solve this ?


Select it all and make a component. That compoent can then be saved on your computer or you can upload it to the warehouse where you can retrieve it for use in other SketchUp models.


Thanks a lot…I got it…
I have done this following steps…

  1. Select all
  2. Right click on it
  3. Make component


Or, select all, hit G, make the component.

After that you save the component, there are several ways to save it. You can just hit File>save. When you want to use it in another model, you can use File>Import to import this component.

You don’t say what your component is but if it is something you’d use frequently, you can create a local collection and use it as a library from which you can retrieve the component any time you need. I do this for cabinet hardware for the projects I do. And if I make a new component that I’ll use later I’ll save it in the library. You can sort the components into libraries to make them easier to locate. I have libraries for wood screws, hinges, drawer and door pulls and so on.


Thanks a lot for your support :smiley:


You could also save it into a library/folder on your local machine that shows up in the drop down component list. That way all you have to do is select it and add it in your current model. A little quicker than doing the File>Import. I have a folder where I have stored a little over 100 components that I use in models pretty frequently.