Upgraded to Sketchup Go, Free Version Still Active

I just upgraded to Sketchup Go, which is still a web only version. However, when I access the web modeler, it only has the free features. How can I access what I’ve paid for?

I am clicking the “Launch” link from the “My Products” section of the account admin. I have also verified that plan is active and assigned to me.

Try signing out of SketchUp Free and clearing your web caches. Then open SketchUp again and sign in.

Please correct your forum profile since SketchUp Go is not SketchUp Pro.

I have signed in an out several times already. I have also cleared cookies and cache, as well as tried from an incognito window.

As for the profile…SketchUp Go is not an option to select for the forum profile, so… no?

Use SketchUp Shop.

Which features are not working for you?

Sometimes revoking the subscription from yourself, waiting a few minutes and then applying it back again will kick it into gear.

I can only imagine that none of the Go features are working, but the one that I’m checking to see whether it’s correct is the outliner. I’ll try unassigning and reassigning…

@Elmtec-Adam Didn’t work. There’s a checkbox next to the free version also, but I’m unable to uncheck it. I can only add/remove access to the Go subscription, without effect.

If you try opening a private or incognito tab on your browser and signing into http://app.sketchup.com does it still not show for you?

The outliner tab is always there, but here’s what it shows.

@Elmtec-Adam @DaveR

This is now resolved. Here’s what fixed it.

Cancelling and renewing the subscription, which triggered an automated email with a link to access my new products. Clicking that link which took me to exactly the same admin panel as before and then clicking the Launch link, brought me to the Go version.

Truly a mind boggling and terrible experience. I can’t be the only person to have run into this issue. There was nothing unique about how I upgraded.

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I haven’t heard of anyone having to cancel and renew their subscription before. I don’t work for Trimble, though. Maybe @colin has some thoughts.

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