The free Trial doesn't include the web version anymore?

I was trying to show Sketchup to my niece, so I started a free trial (which is now 8 days and not 30 days apparently), but when I use the browser app, it says that I need to upgrade to a paid version to use it (e.g. I don’t see the outliner).

I cannot use the desktop app right now unfortunately, because I use Linux on my laptop.

Is there a way to use the web version for free for a few days, or is it only available for paying accounts now?

You need to be signed in with the same email address. I don’t see a Trimble ID for the email you use in the forum. Are you signing in the same when when trying the web app?

Thanks. Yes, we used my niece’s account, created today with her address. We even logged out / back in and restart the computer.

I tried doing a trial, and I get the same thing.

I will attempt to ask colleagues, but most of them are away this coming week. The whole company is closed tomorrow and Tuesday, hopefully someone can explain what is going on by Wednesday.

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The basic features of SketchUp Free work, correct? It’s just the upgraded SketchUp Go features like outliner that are no working in trial? So you can still “use” SketchUp?

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Yes, exactly. Are these included in the Go version too or only in Pro ?
This link shows the features of the different subscription models.