Cannot login to New Subscription

I started a subscription for Sketchup Go today. But after downloading I cannot find the program. When I log into Sketchup, the same way I did the Free version, I still get the free version. My account shows the subscription but still also shows the free version as one of my apps. I see no way to switch between the two. Where do I find Go to log into it?

What did you download? Go only offers a web based version and unlocks the editing mode for SketchUp for iPad.
In your AMP (account management portal), click on ‘My Products’ then on the Go product, open up ‘View included apps’ and then launch the ‘SketchUp for Web’ app.

I haven’t downloaded anything. I launched the web app, but it’s the same as my free app. The tool bar is the same and I don’t see any additional tools added.

You wrote:

Which would make us ask what you downloaded.

The toolbars in SketchUp Go look the same as in SketchUp Free. Like this:

Did you go to your Account Management Portal as @MikeWayzovski suggested?

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OK. I expected the larger toolbar (across the top), so maybe it is working. Thank you for your time and knowledge. I will play with it and see if I can find anything additional from the free.

It sounds like you are thinking of the SketchUp 2022 Pro, the desktop client version. The web versions look different.

Try to import or export a .dxf file. Or try using the Solid Tools. That’ll be a good sign.

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And the paid version doesn’t have the SketchUp watermark.

Problem resolved, thank you all very much. I misunderstood what to expect with Go. The watermark is gone and I do have the solid tools, which is what I needed. Thank you all for the responses.