Upgrading from Free to Go


Hi, just upgraded to from Free to Go.

However, it seems the web version hasn’t reflected this upgrade. It’s still running the free version.

In “My Products” section of the accounts area, I can only see the “SketchUp Free” product. Yet in Plan Settings, I can see “SketchUp Go” and “SketchUp Free”.

I’ve cleared all browser cookies/cache/history and tried different browsers, all to no avail.

By far the worst part is there is no support help. As Sketchup Go does not have a “license” number anywhere to be found, there is no support available. Fail on Trimbles part there.

So here I am, a paid member, on the forums, trying to get help. It shouldn’t be this way.

Are you still seeing a sketchup watermark on your workspace?
This is the most obvious evidence of the paid version, free and go look very similar, go has no watermark and extra tools and import export options.
Sometimes you just need to sign out and back in to get it to update.
Usually there is a simple explanation.

Thanks Box, appreciate that. Yes, it’s the export options that haven’t changed.

As mentioned, already signed in/out, removed cookies, and changed browsers. It all doesn’t work.

The community shouldn’t be working for Trimble either.

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You need to check the ‘Members’ section first instead of the ‘My Products’ section.
Once you have given ‘Product access’ (third column beyond your email address), it should show in the ‘My Products’ section.
This can be done by clicking on the three dots of the last column…

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I checked your account, and the problem is what Mike said. You see it in plan settings because you are the admin for the account. You don’t see it in my products because you haven’t assigned the subscription to yourself in the Members section.

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OK done. Thank you for the help Mike and Colin.

Overall, poor experience in upgrading:

  • Payment took nearly an hour. Could have been my internet connection, but things kept dropping out and I had to restart multiple times.
  • UX/UI of “assigning” the upgrade needs a serious overhaul.
  • I shouldn’t be on the forums receiving help as a paid user.

Trimble has work to do.