Upgraded to Sketchup Go but still getting the free version

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Need a bit of help. Complete newbie to Sketchup. Just upgraded to the $119 Sketchup Go but seems to be still on the Free version. I launched ‘Sketchup for Web’ from the ‘My Product’ page. After I clicked on ‘Start Modelling’ button, Sketchup was launched but at the bottom left hand corner, the prompt ‘UPGRADE’ appears. This shows that I’m still very much at the Free version. I also try ‘Edit Material’ which again resulted in the ‘UPGRADE’ prompt.


Visit my myprofile.Trimble.com and make sure SketchUp go is allocated to the account you are signed in with.

If it isn’t and you see an area marked “members” then you need to modify the products available to that account

Yes. It is allocated. In fact, I launch GO from within the ‘My Product’ page.

Try this boring, but effective things - clear your browser’s history and temporary files.

You could also try a forced refresh by holding the shift key and clicking the refresh button

Hi, Im also new and having the exact same problem. Satrted on free then upgraded to Go so I can import STL file. Can see both suscriptions in my profile, but Go doesnt seem to be taking affect, even though I luanch through subscription. When I try to import STL it just says “Does not appear to be a Sketchup model”. Will try below advice…

Actually the error message is indicating that you are not using the Import menu but you trying to use the Open menu instead…


Hi Dezmo… :see_no_evil: cheers

Hey Elmtec-Adam … Clearing all browsing history works! Thanks a million.

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