Unable to figure out how to use SketchUp Go after having just paid

I just paid a few days ago the subscription fee to SketchUp Go but I am still at a loss on how to get started. I understand this version is web based but still unable to go to the right place to get going. fyi: Been using SketchUp free for many years so I am not a novice.

You use the same website as SU free - the paid features will be unlocked for you

The link for the paid version is the same as the free version, like Adam said:


One thing to note, you bought the subscription using your Yahoo email address. To see the Go features, or to use the iPad version, you will need to sign in with that email address, and not the one you use in the forum.

Dear Colin, I took your advice and successfully signed in with my yahoo email acct. How do I know if I’m in the Go version. I tried to import dwg file to start modeling but it’s not a file type it supports. Please help.

If you see a SketchUp logo in the upper right of the scene you are modeling, or Upgrade in the bottom right, that means you’re not signed in with the right account.

If neither of those are showing you can choose Import from the ‘hamburger’ menu in the upper left, and DXF and DWG are two of the types that you can import.

The import graphic could be misleading. It may imply that you can import three image types, but it can also import all of the types shown at the bottom of the dialog.

So, I have the same problem and understand that I need to open the free app first and go from there? I have downloaded the lessons and going thru them but don’t have the example work listed in the lessons. Please walk me thru this as I am new to SU.

Any lesson involving downloading of something is for the desktop version. If you’re in the web version you would follow these lessons: