Getting started? - Importing DWG

Hi - I’m new to SketchUp. My account detais say Free Web but I’m pretty sure I paid an annual subscription for this.
I run a UX business and have to say I am baffled and apalled at how unintuitive SU is. And I am so annpyed that they are another firm that WILL NOT allow customers to communicate with humans inside the business. Instead relsying on oter customers to help with all queries. Hence why I am here.
I’m simply trying to open a .dwg file that has been to me. Can anyone advise?

Sign out of your account and sign back in.

A good starting point is THE SKETCHUP FUNDAMENTALS. This is a wealth of information and it is interactive. Another good source is Justin Geis. Fast paced shorts about all aspects of SU.

Thanks - will try that.

Thanks - will try that too

For your interest, people who paid for SketchUp Studio or SketchUp Pro, or SketchUp Classic, are given a phone number they can call for support. People who have a Shop subscription can send in questions via email. Anyone using the Free version would come to the forum to ask questions. Even then they will get answers from people who work at SketchUp (plus hundreds of expert SketchUp users).

You currently have two problems, one is that you’re trying to find out out to import a DWG, the other, I think, is that you’re seeing the Free version (which cannot import DWG) when you believe that you have a subscription of some sort. Any of the subscriptions does give you DWG import.

As was suggested, signing out an in again might fix things, but I’ve searched for a subscription under your name and can’t find one.

In cases where you believe you have a subscription but signing in isn’t giving you the right features, using the Message Us option on this page is the best thing to do:

Give enough details for us to find your order, and then we should be able to fix whatever is going wrong in your account.

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Thanks Colin
I have the bank transaction from Sept and have nessaged SU for help. Seems they are closed for holidays until 2 Dec.

Yes, I’ve read that we’re closed. I don’t let a little thing like that slow me down.

But, still not finding your subscription from your details.

I will reply to your support message.

Thanks for your help. Can you be more specific? I only have a bank transaction - what numbers would help you locate this?

I asked in my reply, but for anyone following along, it was either your account number or order number that will help.