SU Shop user won't allow me to import DWG file

Just got SU Shop subscription so I could import DWG and PDF files. But those options are all grayed out.
Is the problem that there are TWO account categories under my name - one set up on the FREE Web SU, and one a day later when I bought subscription for SU Shop?

Try signing out and signing back in to make sure you are using Shop. Note that there’s no PDF import option even in Shop.

Done that.
but no go.

When I sign in, though, there is no way to define which of the sub accounts (if that’s what they are) is active.

Sign out and then clear your browser’s caches. Sign in again.

If you got two accounts, make sure the one with Shop has ‘Product Access’ in the Member section.
Back to My Products, you then should see the ‘Included Apps’
You can Launch SketchUp for Web from there.