Old Pro version to subscription shop version

I have been using Sketchup Pro version for many years and have now paid for a subscription for Sketchup Shop. I can not load my older or recent models into the new subscription format as anything but a component. Any help?

Have you tried opening the files instead? Click on the folder icon, choose Open and select My Computer…

Or when you first start up SketchUp Shop you should see Open at the top. Click on that and then My Computer.
Screenshot - 5_5_2020 , 11_06_21 AM

Yes but it would not accept my log-in even after pasting and copying all my info. Would not
allow me to login.

That’s a different problem. Are you using the same e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription? Assuming you are, clear your browser’s caches and history and then try signing in.

Will try that next, thanks

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