I bought SU shop. I cannot find the welcome screen. I’m assuming that shop on the web has it. I’m looking to use windows 10

I cannot find view on the modeling page. SU Free works and the Pro version I’m using as a trial also works.

An easy way to tell if you are signed into Shop is the absence of the SketchUp logo watermark in the upper right corner of the model space.

There are other ways to tell like the ability to edit In Model materials.

If it isn’t opening as Shop, sign out and sign back in making sure you use the same e-mail address and password that you used when you purchased the subscription.

Thanks for the response. My SU model screen looks just like yours.
I still would like to download Shop into Windows 10. Is it possible?

SketchUp Shop is a web-based application so no, it’s not possible to install it locally on your computer.

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However, if you do want the Pro desktop application, I have seen on this forum that you can upgrade your Shop subscription to obtain Pro, if you decide you would rather have had that instead, ratter than paying the full price again.

The web based versions of Sketchup don’t allow the use of extensions, which the desktop versions do, and you get (desktop only) Layout and Style Builder with a Pro subscription, neither of which is available with Shop.