How do I start using Sketchup shop?

I can’t seem to find anywhere on the Sketchup site to actually start using my Sketchup shop subscription and can’t find instructions anywhere on the site. I can find the link to try for free, but can’t find anywhere to use the subscription.

You should be able to sign into SketchUp or Trimble Connect using the same e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription and it should take you to Sketchup Shop.

You’ll know you’re using shop by the lack of a watermark saying SketchUp Free in the upper right corner and the availability of added features like the Solid Tools and vector import/export options.

Thanks Dave. I’m signed in and can see my account information and write on this forum, but can’t figure out how I start drawing?

This forum is not connected to the web SketchUp versions.

Do you see a screen that looks similar to what I showed? (Without the arc of Solid Tools unless you click on the button on the side.)

No I don’t see that. I’m only able to find the sketchup pages showing the various plans and the “try sketchup” buttons.

The Try SketchUp under SketchUp Shop should get you there but use this link.

Bookmark it, too.

I switched to a new computer. Used sketchup 8 on my old one for years and years but was thinking it was time to use an updated version. The web based version sounded like it would be sufficient for my needs.

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There it is. Thanks! bookmarked.

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