Just Purchased SketchUp Shop and and now there's no apparent way to launch it! Please help!


Hey “SketchUp Shop” users,

Hoping someone out there can help!

After an evening of playing around with SketchUp Free, I decided to take the bait purchase the $119 SketchUp Shop upgrade

That was 4 hours ago, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to actually launch SketchUp Shop or even log in to it now!!!

Immediately after submitting the payment, I received 5 separate emails over the next few minutes with the following titles (None of which seem to point me in a direction of going through any other hoops to actually begin using the product!):

  1. “Trimble account: payment confirmation” (Gave a payment confirmation #, and said I’d be receiving an invoice soon.)

  2. “Your licence for SketchUp Shop” (Simply said, “Hi ____, You have been assigned a license to SketchUp Shop. Thanks, the Trimble team.” …No further instructions.)

  3. “Your order confirmation” (Said," Thank you for your recent purchase, your order number is _ _ _ _ _ _ _. The following products were purchased in this transaction:
    SketchUp Shop. To manage your account, please click on the link below . Please do not reply to this email. Thanks, The Trimble Team"

  4. “Trimble Inc. Account Statement # - - - - - - - -” (This email had an invoice detailing and confirming the transaction/SketchUp Shop product description and part #.)

  5. “Trimble account: payment confirmation” (Oddly, this 5th email contained the exact info and wording as the first email (with the same subject), but the content was laid out in a slightly different format for some reason.)

At no point since I made the online purchase, have I noticed any kind of icons, prompting or instructions that could bring me through activating or registering SketchUp Shop. Everything just keeps redirecting me to the “Try Sketchup” page for the free version or the Pro trial, or redirecting me to purchase Pro.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Hoping I’m just missing something simple, but it’s got me stumped.

Thanks in advance


Paid for subscription and it hasn't synched with my account

Open the app by going here.
If it says Upgrade in the bottom left corner then it is still the free version, if not it is the shop version.

If still the free version go to the three lines icon top left and then down to account, sign out.
Refresh your browser and try the link again and see if it lets you sign in again and gives you Shop.


Thanks for your swift reply!
I’ll give it a try…


Hey Box,

I clicked on the link in your reply.

It currently does not say “Upgrade” in the bottom left corner (and I also now noticed the SketchUp logo is no longer on the top right corner), so I guess it would seem as you say that I’m now in the “shop” version…
Only thing is… I can’t seem to find anything in any visible menu(s) that either looks or responds in any way that differentiates it from the free version (other than “Ugrade” and "SketchUp’ logo no longer visible).

-The whole screen still freezes for 20 seconds the moment I select anything or try to use any tools before actually executing (literally every single click… just like free version did.)
-Can’t enter anything into the “measurements” field (Just like free version).

Honestly, the hope of any discernible improvement on just those two issues alone was my entire motivation for upgrading.

(Total newbie here, so please forgive my ignorance if I’m missing something obvious. Just trying to figure out what the hell I just spent $119 for!)

Your help is much appreciated!

Here’s a screen shot showing no “ugrade” or logo which would seem to indicate that I’m indeed in SU Shop:


One key way to tell it’s Shop and not SketchUp Free is the missing watermark in the upper right corner. You have more tools and more import/export options with Shop. You can edit styles, access Outliner…

What browser are you using?

Are you clicking in the Measurements field before trying to enter a dimension? If so, don’t. You don’t click in that field. For drawing an edge, click and release to set the first end. Move the cursor in the direction you want the line to go. Let go of the mouse entirely. Type the length of the line and hit Enter/Return to finish it.


It would be nice of SketchUp to have a nice call-to-action styled link in one of those emails. It would also be nice with something like a title bar saying what version is currently running.

SketchUp Shop is supposed to have a few more features, like import and export formats. Bugs are however the same in Shop and Free as they are based on the same engine. If Trimble fix such bugs they wont add them back in in the free version.


Hey DaveR,

  1. I’m using Chrome. Windows 7. (Love Windows 7, and trying hard to avoid Window 10 update!) Graphics card: Nvidea GeForce GT 610

  2. Now no Watermark showing in the SketchUp upper right corner (and no “upgrade” icon in the bottom left either.)

  3. “You have more tools and more import/export options with Shop. You can edit styles, access Outliner…”
    -Thanks Man!!! Finally found the menus for Edit styles and Outliner!
    (Still now idea how to go about using any of that yet, but at least now I can start digging around and trying things.)

  4. “For drawing an edge, click and release to set the first end. Move the cursor in the direction you want the line to go. Let go of the mouse entirely. Type the length of the line and hit Enter/Return to finish it.”
    -Again, huge thanks! Sure wish I realized that 3 days ago! A most excellent tip
    that should be the very first instruction given verbatim in any SU tutorial!

  5. That just leaves the issue of:
    Every single clicking freezing everything up for 20 seconds before executing a command… a %100 intolerable way to work!
    PLEASE tell me that after spending $119 for the upgrade to SU Shop that’s just the way it is because it’s web based?!?!
    All the new style editing/outlining/import/export options capabilities in the SU Shop upgrade don’t sweeten that deal whatsoever!
    I’m hoping the freezing issue is why you asked me what browser I’m using, and you still might have some solution for that???

Even if you tell me what I don’t want to hear in regard to the freezing issue, your tips have been a great help!

Thanks DaveR


“It would be nice of SketchUp to have a nice call-to-action styled link in one of those emails. It would also be nice with something like a title bar saying what version is currently running.”

-You’d think right!? The sent me 5 emails in row within a couple minutes of my online purchase, but each one of them just left me scratching my head.


Unfortunately I don’t know the reason for the delays when trying to execute a command. It could have something to with old operating system, old version of Chrome, or possible the graphics card in your computer or its drivers. You could try updating the graphics drivers and Chrome to see if that will help. I don’t know how OpenCL support is on Win7 compared to Win10 but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something there.

Doing things like selecting something in the model are done locally on your computer so that’s where you should start looking.

You might want to have a look at this page:

Specifically this:

  • A recommended web browser: SketchUp for Web depends on WebAssembly, a new technology that requires cutting-edge browser support. For the best experience, we recommend Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+. Although SketchUp for Web will work in Safari and Edge, we cannot confidently recommend these browsers as of this writing.
  • A computer or Chromebook: SketchUp for Web works best on devices that have an accelerated video card, plenty of system memory, and a strong processor that can handle complex models with lots of geometry.


I’ll check out that link and also see what updated graphics drivers and Chrome might accomplish.
I really appreciate it!


Yes, bookmark the SketchUp for Web User Guide.
When it fails to describe modeling functions, go to the desktop User Guide. (Just be aware the images and GUI differ somewhat.)

The GT 610 is a very low end card with only 1 GB of VRAM.
Definitely try updating the drivers from Nvidia.

If you also have integrated Intel graphics, make sure you use the Nvidia Control Panel to set Chrome to use the Nvidia GPU.

Chrome should be updating automatically. (You can see what version by going to the menu > Settings > Hamburger menu (top left) > About Chrome)

You can also see how Chrome is dealing with YOUR graphics by going to this internal URL:
In the Graphics Feature Status table, see what “WebGL” and “WebGL2” say.
Down in the Driver Information table, you want to see the vendor as “Nvidia” and the latest driver version. There is also a copy button at the top so you can paste into a text editor and send the file if support asks for it.

As a paying customer you are entitled to support.


Thank you DanRathbun!

Following DaveR’s advice, I just finished attempting to update the graphics card drivers which seemed to be successful. (Haven’t messed with Chrome yet.)
I just restarted the computer and was going to see if the graphics card driver update had any result, but now I when I go to Sketchup.com, I can’t even find my project to open it!
Just keeps redirecting me to “Try SketchUp” or “Subscibe to SU Shop” (which I already did around 8 hours ago!). I can’t find the page that allows you to click on the already existin project folders.
So at this point I still have no idea if my graphics card driver update had any effect.

Oh hold up… Just as I was typing that last sentence, an email just popped into my inbox from “SketchUp Support”. Gonna check it out…

Thanks all for the insightful responses to my issue!


No, you go to https://app.sketchup.com/app to use SketchUp for Web.


You click on the folder icon, in the top left menu bar, then choose Open.
(This is a shortcut to the left sidebar menu’s Trimble Connect panel.)


Thanks DanRathbun!

That just got me back into my project.
(sketchup support email just gave the same link also.)

Still sluggish as ever form click to click though, even after update graphics card drivers.

I guess I attempt to update Chrome next as DaveR suggested?

Gonna to see if the SU support guy who just emailed would be willing to shed any light on the slugginsh issue as well.

Pretty disappointed in my SU Shop upgrade experience so far, but pleasantly surprised with all the input I’m getting the SU “community” here.
After my initial upgrade purchase, I was flailing around blindly for several hours with 0 forward progress before I finally opened an account in the SU Community forum and posted my issue.
Everyone whose chimed in so far has been really helpful, and at least has got me up and running again (even if not quite as fast as I’d like.)

Y’all deserve to have a kick ass day!


The email sent to new customers could really have a link to the app, styled as an icon, and with a friendly instruction that you can drag it to your desktop to create a shortcut.

@vixay, sorry for spamming you today but perhaps an UX designer could look into the experience after purchasing a license. I think this process affects a lot how people feel about the software when starting using it.


Might run a bit faster in app mode. Here is a shortcut file that should work if you installed Chrome in the usual place. It is within the Zip (Compressed folder) file.
SketchUp Web Chrome App Mode.zip (1.1 KB)

And per my above tips, did you make sure Chrome is using your Nvidia GPU ?


(Sorry all who were helping me, I had to go dark there for a spell. I got called out on an errand and had to leave the computer for a couple hours.)

“I think this process affects a lot how people feel about the software when starting using it.”
Agreed, ereroth3!!!
Good to know at least I’m not the only one with this experience as a newbie!
I finally now have the link to the app as a shortcut, but I can’t believe how intuitive the post purchase process was.

Just checked my email when I got back from errands and Riley from the Sketchup support Team has sent me some rather thorough looking instructions for diagnosing the issue further.
Gonna also be looking into DanRathbun’s tips on “app mode” and “make sure Chrome is using my Nvidia GPU”.
For anyone still observing this thread, I found my system specs in the control panel while I was updated my graphics card drivers (screenshot below). Please let me know if any of you happen to see anything in the specs in my current system that may be having an impact. Thanks!:


RE: https://ark.intel.com/products/41316/Intel-Core-i7-860-Processor-8M-Cache-2-80-GHz-

I do not see any Intel integrated graphics listed for this 10 year old CPU, so you may not have the competing GPU issue. The easiest way to tell is to bring up the chrome://gpu/ page in Chrome (as explained above.)

The specs for your GT610 give 1GB VRAM, but your Control Panel details seem to imply that the card can also share almost 6GB of system RAM. Seeing as you only have 8GB, if it’s is still available for your machine and cheap enough, you might try to max it out at 16GB. More system RAM is always better when it comes to running Windows applications, especially if the system shares it’s RAM with the graphics.


The sluggishness is likely to be the same in Free and Shop. One of the main differences in Shop is the exporters. If you look at the folder icon, Export, you’ll see this in Free:

and this in Shop: