Trying to activate a new Trimble/SketchUp account


Hello, I’ve just bought an annual subscription to SketchUp and have received a receipt email and an a confirmation email. What i haven’t got is a way to activate the account/app. I got a ‘Please follow the instructions in the mail to activate your account’ but it looks like there may be something like an activation button or link missing from one of the emails. I’ve looked on the Trimble website but can’t find a SketchUp option in their tech support/ distribution partner help page. Can anyone advise? Many thanks, Thorin


What version have you bought - Pro or Shop?


Hi, thanks for getting back. It’s Shop. T


I haven’t tried this myself, but have you tried logging in online and looking for any activation settings?


I assume it’s showing as SketchUp Free? Sign out. Clear the browser’s history and temporary files. Then go to the link and sign in again.


I had a logged onto the Trimble site and that recognises I have an account but I can’t get any further. It feels like their message isn’t complete (maybe hasn’t downloaded successfully) but I can’t find who to ask to send it again.


Yes there does seem to be some annoying overlap. I’ll try that. Thanks.


What browser are you using?




Safari is not a recommended browser. Better to use Chrome or Firefox.


Hi Dave, Yes, i was just reading something to that effect! I’m deleting the old SketchUp and will reinstall. Thanks, T


SketchUp Shop is browser based there’s nothing to uninstall or reinstall.


I meant i’m uninstalling my old free SketchUp from years ago to see if its getting in the way.


Hi again, I’ve uninstalled SU from the computer and gone back into my Trimble account to download but am arriving
at this 404 image which i presume is an error code. It leads me back to the ‘lets find the right sketch for you’… Also attached is the ‘Your licence for SketchUp shop’ email from Trimble that i think is missing the link. If i hover the cursor over the
email title this dialogue box pops up-attached. I’m bit stuck.

I’ll send these images separately as can only post one at a time



It should have anything to do with SketchUp Shop. I currently have three different versions of SketchUp installed and I can still open SketchUp Shop in the browser with no problem.

Is the screen shot of the Hi thorin… page shown in Safari?


It’s in Windows Outlook


I thought you were using Safari on Mac?


Hi Thorin,

Try going to this location and sign into your account it’ll need to be the same email address used to purchase the subscription.

As DaveR mentions the SketchUp Shop web application works best in Googles Chrome browser.

This should be all you need to do! And you should be in the SketchUp shop application.

If you’re still having issues, I’d suggest contacting support who’ll be able to help you out of something technical has gone wrong.


hello, i am using a Mac and using Safari as browser and Outlook/Hotmail for mail.