How do I access SketchUp Free

I **used to ** use SketchUp extensively. I used it to design personal prototypes and theatrical set pieces. However. A move to a new home and the subsequent laptop failure, I lost my desktop version. And by this time, it was no longer available.

So I signed up for the free web version. 2017 ish was when this happened.

It was the last time I used SketchUp. The app would freeze, often at the most innoportune times. Or the network lag would make it near impossible to do anything with precision.

Cut forward two years. I miss my SketchUp and have a project where I really, really need it. And I got an email from you guys.
I want to start with Free and possibly move onto the Shop subscription.

BUT . . .

I cannot find how to login to SketchUp Free? I’ve searched your help center and forums. I’ve tried to look in the SketchUp Free product descriptions. And I’ve searched the forums. (Unfortunately, I hope my experience on this site isn’t prescient. This site keeps freezing and I have to reload the page often on my iPhone)

So, how do I get back into SketchUp Free?

Navigate to the SketchUp free app online here: Trimble Identity
From the menu in the upper left, select Account and login there.

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