Difference between Make & Pro


I just saw a SketchUp-video on youtube and thought, that this software must be awesome. It’s just the kind of software I could use for drawing buildings that I create later in Minecraft. I think, that the Make-version should do it for me. I don’t want to say, that it isn’t worth it, but for me, I don’t wan’t to pay that much money for just a game. So I just wantet do use the free Make-version.

Now, every new installation of the Make-version comes with a 30-days-Pro-trial, which is nice, but it doesn’t let me go directly to the Make-version. So I aks myself, why don’t I find any information about the differences between the two versions? I don’t want to create big buildings now and find out in 30 days, that I cannot use them anymore, because I used accidently a Pro-function.

Please tell me, how to skip the Pro-trial and go directly to the Make-version, or tell me, where I can find a list of Pro-features, that will be cut away after the free trial.

Thank you for that great piece of software an for a response.



This post should help…


Thak you very much for your quick response.

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