Sketchup Make for Mac OSX 10.7.5



I’ve been trying hard to find a link to download Sketup make 2014 for Mac, as i cant use the new 2015 version due to my old iMac running OSX 10.7.5.

Anyone who can assist me with what to do? According to the official “download all” page theres only a Sketchup Make 2015 available.

Really wanna try this program out, but the 8 hours of trial for Pro, just wont do a proper test.

Thanks in advance!


if you have the 8 hour trial of Pro, you’re fine. After the trial time runs out, it’ll automatically run SU Make


Oh ■■■■…

Spent 2 hours trying to fix it :smiley:


well if you don’t need the pro features, it’s fine. SU Make has almost all of the tools anyways.


Was just wondering what the big differences are, as i might not release half of them when trial expires.


For me the biggest differences are:
Pro has Layout, to make presentation documents
Pro allows you to make Dynamic Components
Pro has Solid Tools


SketchUp Make 2015 and SketchUp Pro 2015 both require 10.8 or higher. If you have SketchUp 2014 it will still work on 10.7.5.


Pro is allowed to use for commercial purposes, Make not.


Features of Trimble SketchUp Make

Features of Trimble SketchUp Pro

What makes SketchUp tick? — Expanded Feature Descriptions

SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements

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Difference between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make
Difference between Make & Pro

I downloaded a trial version of Sketchup Pro 2014 with the understanding it would automatically turn to make 2014 at the end of trial. But instead its asking me for a license. Please help.


Trimble keeps only the latest version of SketchUp Make available for download, so you will have to look elsewhere for older versions. Be very careful when determining if you can trust a “non-authorized” download site.



SU Make 2014-EN f. Mac OS X from here:


I am using an older macbook with OSX 10.7.5. I tried updating to Sketchup Make 2015 but it told me my operating system is too old. The newer versions of OSX don’t work on my macbook. Now I get a message saying that Sketchup Make 2014 has expired and that I have to upgrade. Is there a solution to my problem with my existing hardware and OSX? Thank you!

Answer: Emailed tech support and they graciously provided me with the answer. They told me it is an known issue and they are working on it. In the mean time, if I turn off wifi on my notebook and then start Sketchup Make 2014, it seems to work just fine. Thank-you tech support! (Not sure where you’ll find the download files though.)