Free version to use indefinitely on Mac OS X 10.7.5

I’m super frustrated! I want to download a version that I can use for free as long as I wish on Mac OS X 10.7.5. It seems like I need to download SketchUp Make 2014 since I have an older system. But when I try to do so, it seems to only give me the option to download SketchUp Pro 2014… Can anyone please advise on how I can download a version that isn’t a trial? Please send direct links if you can:)

I’m not positive about how it was with 2013, but it used to be that you would use Pro until your test period ran out, and then it became the free version. If I’m right, just carry on using Pro, and after some time it will be the free version.

interesting…what’s the biggest difference between the 2?

Colin - That’s fine with me…I just want to make sure I don’t use a feature on my current project, that will render my file uneditable once I’m downgraded to the free version.

This is basically a list of the things in Pro that are not in the free version: Creating a 3D Model | SketchUp Help

You should find a usable free version download here 2014 Sketchup for XP Computer trial? - #9 by SketchUpTeam

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And you could also have found it in the post entitled:
How to get the SketchUp Make 2014 version

Thanks Dan! This works.