Can you download Sketchup Make 2017 Still WITHOUT needing a plan?

Okay so is it possible to download Sketchup Make 2017 (mac), and use it long-term and NOT have to sign up for a plan?

I’ve seen posts saying it’s still free, yet I downloaded & ended up with a Pro trial! How do I download Sketchup make 2017 free?

Make 2017 is no longer downloadable from the official SketchUp download page. You will have to look for it on some other download site that you can trust.

If you got 2017 Make installed it will start with a 30-day trial of Pro. At the end it will revert ot Make.

As @Anssi wrote, 2017 Make is no longer officially available. Be aware that some features are not supported. It also does not support newer versions of the Mac OS. Some users have reported that it crashes consistently with the several latest OS versions.

I have the trial but it’s expired and won’t let me proceed without a license key… it’s not reverting to free :frowning:

See/ - Screenshot-2022-10-16-at-01-42-51 — ImgBB

Oh! You can just click on the area below it and it loads anyway! FFS… clear as mud!

Ah well, it works :slight_smile:

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A lot of people don’t notice that I Agree button.

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