Downloading SketchUp Make


Just getting started. It seems that I am able to download Pro but not Make.
What’s up with that?


When you download and install SketchUp Make you get a free 30 day trial of Pro functionality.


Trimble (the current owners of SketchUp) is a for profit business. Consequently, they would much rather you end up using SketchUp Pro (paid) than Make (free), so initial downloads of Make enable all Pro features for 30 days, than those features disappear after that.

Under the hood, I expect that Make and Pro are exactly the same - save for what happens after 30 days. With Make, you lose the access to the Pro features (although under the hood, they remain - inaccessible). With Pro, you can no longer use it at all (I think), but you can - somehow - downgrade to Make.

And I see that @TheOnlyAaron beat me to the answer!


Thanks, I figured how to download Make after consulting the blog


Thanks. I am building a small house (cabin) on my brother’s property in
New Mexico and wanted to design it in advance of going there. I’m sure this
will be helpful