Do I pay for SketchUp Make?

I have been using Sketchup 8 and the other day I got a notice that updates were available. So I went to the web page to get my update: ‘‘Download All | SketchUp’’

The only thing there which was not ‘‘PRO’’ was ‘‘SketchUp Make 2015’’. So I downloaded it. I started using it, but I did not like the SketchUp Make ‘‘Welcome’’ screen coming on every time I start up. I start looking for a way to turn that feature off and in doing so, I find out that I have a ‘‘Pro Trial’’ version which expires in a few days.

Can someone tell me what is going on? Is there no free Sketchup any more? I am a woodworker hobbyist and retired, I can’t afford to purchase a Pro version. I don’t make money off SketchUp.

SketchUp Make is the free version. Like all the previous versions, when you download the free version, it comes with a fee-trial of Pro. When the trial ends, it’ll automatically revert to the free Make version.
So don’t worry, you don’t need to pay for SketchUp Make after your trial ends. But you will lose whatever Pro tools there are.

There is no way for deactivating that window in the MAKE version.

Thank you so much. That takes a load off.

Thank you so much. At least I don’t have to worry about that any more.