Licensing information


Hi, I recently downloaded the free 2014 version of Sketchup and there is a Licensing Information block that appears saying: This is a trial version of Sketchup Pro you have 30 days remaining in your evaluation. Will my projects disappear after the 30 day block? If so, how can I prevent this from happening? Much appreciated!


If you downloaded Sketchup Make, what happens after 30 days is that the Pro features of the software stop working and the application becomes the Make version.
If you downloaded the Pro version, it will stop working after the trial period unless you add a valid license.
In both cases nothing will happen to the models you have created.



Thanks for the answer! So I don’t have to purchase or upgrade anything since all I need is to be able to view my models?


@kn13 you are correct! You do not have to upgrade in order to use the file. :slight_smile: