Problem with license

Hi |I downloaded SketchUp 5 min ago.
And already I want to delete it. And not because the program is bad, but because as soon as I launched SketchUP Make, which should be free, I was immediately informed about the SketchUP pro license. I do not understand why it is impossible to make a normal installation with an easy and clear manual ???
And why do I get a notification about the 30-day trial period of SketchUP pro if I have SketchUP make?
Not only does it need to learn how the program works, so I still need to understand the licenses.
Now, wherever I come, I get this stupid warning that annoys me.

Ignore the warning. After the 30 day trial, the Pro trial ends, and the programme will revert to the plain Make version.

In the meantime, you are free to try any of the Pro-only features.

Thank you
Maybe I got excited

Perhaps a little over-excited?

Calm down - all will be well.