SketchUp Make: LayOut will not re-install on my computer


I downloaded the Sketch up Pro for the 30 day trial. Once i re-installed Sketch Up Make, I would click Layout and I would get a pop-up that says " Sorry. This instance of Sketch Up Pro is not licensed. I am no longer allowed to access Layout. I have unistalled and reinstalled Sketch Up Make three times. Can someone help me out please?

Thank You

Layout is only available through the Pro version. You don’t get it with the free version.

Oh. That sucks…Why did it even download??

Thank You

It’s probably left over from the pro trial. If you don’t want it there, uninstall SketchUp and LayOut. then reinstall Make. Or, if you want LayOut, buy the license.

Lay Out is installed no matter what when you install Sketch Up Make. It is there to look pretty I guess. I will check into buying the license. I was trying to be cheap so I dowloaded sketchup make thinking I could draw up a quick floorplan and print it out.

Thank You for all your help

It shouldn’t be installed if you actually installed Make.

If you are using SketchUp for something other than personal hobby use, you should be using Pro anyway.

But you can print from Make, to scale (possibly with a little difficulty - search this forum for ‘printing to scale from Make’ if you have problems).

Basic steps to print floor plan:

  • choose Camera/Parallel projection
  • choose Top view
  • adjust window size so proportions are very close to paper size you want to print on
  • zoom Extents

Then Print, uncheck Fit to page, select scale , select paper orientation, and print.

It is included every time I download it. It just doesn’t open. But thank you. John!! You are amazing !!! Thank you!!