Problem with layout and style builder

Hi, i have this problem but i download sketchup make 2017, not pro version.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall several times but I can’t solve the problem


You could translate that for us, but at a guess, have you run out of your free 30 days?

translate: sorry, but this instance of Sketchup pro has no license

yes, after 30 days I reinstalled “make” but it gave me this error

After 30 days you cannot reinstall make, you either pay for Pro or Choose to use Make.

so now how can I do, since I have already uninstalled the pro?

Sorry, how can you do what? If you wish to use Layout or Style builder you need to buy Pro.

ah ok, since I had never used them before, with the make version, I thought I could always use them …

Make does not allow access to Style Builder or LayOut. Those are Pro-only features.

If you want to use them as well as the Pro-only features of SketchUp, you need to buy the license and install SketchUp Pro.

ok, Thanks for the clarification, I thought it was my problem

Could you update the information in your profile so next time you ask a question we can give good answers.

done, thanks again and excuse me for disturbing you for a stupid thing

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Not knowing something doesn’t always make it stupid. :+1:

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