LayOut Licence Issue

I have several licences for SU 2015 pro but rarely use Layout. Today a needed to but when I opened it I got a message saying it was unlicensed and I have 6 days of evaluation (this is despite having a licensed and working version of SU 2015 pro installed on the same MAC). No bother I thought, I’ll just enter the licence details again…
…wrong - this is the error I got “You entered an invalid key. LayOut cannot run as a full version under these circumstances.”

Does anyone know WTF is going on?

Try running LayOut the first time by right-clicking on its icon and selecting “Run as Administrator” from the contextual menu. In recent SketchUp versions, nothing licensing related seems to work with standard user privileges or even if you have logged into Widows with an administrator account. After the first time, this shouldn’t be needed.


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Also make sure that you’re running the copy of LayOut that corresponds to your currently licensed version of SketchUp. If you potentially ran an older copy of LayOut due to having an outdated desktop shortcut, that would explain why LayOut wasn’t licensed and didn’t accept your license information.


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Thanks for your replies, it turns out I was inadvertently running layout 2014 as Marc suggested. I thought I had removed it! Problem solved, thanks again.