How do download sketchup pro 2023

Hi all, how do I download SketchUp Pro 2023 after I have made my purchase? How long does it take for the link to be sent to me?

You can get it from

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Thanks for you quick response but it doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t include the Pro version.

There is only one current desktop version of SketchUp. It is called SketchUp. You use it either with a Pro or Studio license, and your license type determines what is included but the installation is all in one package.

Okay. It’s the Pro version I’ve purchased.

And the link I gave you got you the pro version, right?

I’ve downloaded it after making the purchase but when I open it it says ‘Begin Your Free Trial Now’. Apparently there’s a licence code I need to provide for the version that I’ve purchased.

You have to sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased it.

Do you mean Classic Licence? It says Add Classic Licence.

No. You can’t buy a Classic License. You have a Subscription. Sign in using your email address and password.

I’m on SketchUp now . . . and I can’t see where to sign-in as it were.

See the Help article here:

When you open SketchUp you should see a window something like this:

Click the Sign In button and it’ll take you to a Trimble sign in page in your browser. Do what it says there.

Okay. The problem is I can’t seem to download Pro. My profile says I’ve purchased it but it’s still not downloaded.

If you followed the link I provided the first two Download links will get you SketchUp Pro for your operating system. (You didn’t fill out your forum profile correctly so I have no way to tell you whether you should click on the one for Windows or for Mac.
Screenshot - 10_16_2023 , 5_26_22 PM

Once you’ve download it you need to install it.

Shall I install it again? I have the icon on my desktop but when I open it says, “Are you ready you ready to start your free trial?”

It’s for Windows

If you actually installed it you shouldn’t need to install it again. Go ahead and start SketchUp. You should get the option to sign in. If not, go to the Help menu and click on Sign In.

Please correct your forum profile with that information.

It’s still not working. I don’t get it. I selected Pro but it’s downloaded the Free version.

Like when I click on the icon on my desktop . . . it doesn’t give me the option to sign in.

I seem to be stuck on a loop.