I bought su pro 2020

i have a receipt for my su pro 2020, however i have no access code or serial number that works. the download link sent with my receipt is a free trial link. does anyone out there know how to find help…su & trimble are useless help wise.

Did you buy a subscription license? How much did you pay?

If you did get the subscription you don’t get a serial number of license key. You just sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased it.

Click on the icon in the upper right.

i paid $299. and when in, the dowload link provied is a trial link…

$299 indicates you purchased an annual subscription so as I said, you won’t get a serial number or license key. You just need to sign in with your e-mail address and password. If you are signed in, sign out, close SketchUp, open it and sign in again.

i have done that multiple times and i get the My apps page and the SketchUp Pro Download is for a trial…
the help support is total bs…not very helpful and noway to contact these people. they are hiding from helping the people that pay their salary.

Try clearing your internet caches and then log in again.

Actually, they aren’t hiding.

@colin, see what you can do.

Generally speaking if you don’t fill your posts with generalities and …'s you’ll get a lot more help.
Try posting screen shots of what you are seeing, sometimes it’s just a case of Click that button on the left, other times it is, Oh bollocks there is an issue thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I was trying to hide, but while I’m here…

Some people who are used to clicking the Launch button on the My Apps page also come back to open the desktop application from the same page. Maybe that’s technically possible to do, but normally you would open the desktop application from within the SketchUp 2020 folder in Applications.

When you open it that way you can sign in on the welcome screen, using the email address that has been assigned the subscription, and then you will stop seeing the trial message.


It’s still the full software without limitations. After 30 days the trial ends and your subscription will be in place. Enjoy modeling!

That isn’t strictly correct. If you have a subscription and are signed in correctly it should no longer say trial.
If however you have a classic license and are signed in correctly it will still say trial because there are extras in the Subscription that are not available in the classic and will stop working at the end of the relevant trial.

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It is, but not implemented, yet. It does make sense, since you (or SketchUp) need to launch the browser again and again…

Unfortunately, unlike Google Chat we don’t automatically return you to SketchUp after you sign in. So, it’s not like we have solved that problem elsewhere.