Not received licence

Hi, last sonday I have made a payment of 342,50 EUR for at one year licence of Sketchup Pro 2019. I have received a confirmation that Trimble has received the payment bu I have not received a licence. I do however receive e-mails that my trial version has expired.
WHat is the reason that I dont receive the licence information?

If you bought the subscription model you wouldn’t receive a license. So that’s probably the first thing to double check.

This was the first year where SketchUp could be purchased through two different options… via one of the Subscription Packages,… OR, by additional searching for the perpetual license version… which is now called SketchUp Pro “Classic”.

I have bought the subsciption model. And I hav downloaded from the page with my personal Account but when I install the program on my computer and start Sketchup i get the page as below and can not
start the program

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the Trimble ID is bound to th email address used for purchasing the license, login in SketchUp with the same email address for getting access to your subscription license.


If you purchased via the website, by default, you should have been assigned a seat to the subscription during the purchasing process. To verify this, you will want to sign into the Account Management Portal area.

From there, you will see a Members area where you will be able to assign yourself the subscription seat.


The subcription is already assigned to myself. The problem is that when I daownload and install the desktop version and start the program it says that my 30 day trial is over.

Did you try signing out and then back into SketchUp with your Trimble ID? Click on the little head icon at the top right corner of that window you show in your screen shot.


I am going to private message you with a few questions.


Yes I have done that

This indicates that you all ready installed SketchUp 2019.
You do not have to install it again. There is only one version (per platform) of SketchUp.
There is no ‘Trial’ version or a different Pro version for subscription or classic license.
The difference lies in the way that it gets his authorisation to run, be it a classic license added traditionally or via the subscription method.
Somehow, a (unneeded) reinstall triggers the installer to mess with the welcome screen, causing problems to log in or get to the AMP through the ‘manage license’ button.

There is one step in Chris’ screenshot that wasn’t spelled out. I’m guessing that via PM it’s sorted out now. But for anyone else who is following…

When you click on Members there may be several products along the top. The Free and Studio trials in the screenshot are ones where you don’t get to add users yourself. If you have previously used the Free web version, also took the 30 day Studio trial, maybe gave Shop a go, and then also bought a Pro subscription, there could be four products shown.

For this case, making sure it’s the SketchUp Pro product selected would be an important step.

I am having a similar issue. It shows I have paid (11 days ago) and yet nothing shows up other than free version. What am I missing?

What plan members do you have here

In my support reply I didn’t point out that there could be two sets of Members, but I did say to make sure that SketchUp Pro is the selected product. I imagine that will show up in the second Members.

The thing about having two Personal Account entries is a different oddity that I’m trying to figure out.

Well, everyone gets a Free plan, that would be your personal plan, the company name that you fill in when you buy a sub would be the one with the payment history, but you could have a plan that is assigned to you for a project by someone else.
Each assignment will have an entry on the left.
For now, it’s not always obvious which one to select or see that tou can select them at all. There is a very thin blue line on the left side and the current selected is a bit bolder, but that’s not sufficient, IMO.