How do download sketchup pro 2023

Show a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Notice how it says, Your Trial Will End . . .

Click on Licensing at the bottom left of the screen. Show what you see there.

Okay. It says Buy SketchUp . . . But I’ve already done that. I have the receipt.

You likely need to give yourself the license.

In the SketchUp portal, go to Members, and make sure you have SketchUp Pro assigned to you.

Yep, it’s saying I’m the account owner etc.

But none of the accounts are S-Pro.

One is the Free version and the other is Studio.

Then there is this . . .

I’m guessing I should download SketchUp Pro and hopefully this should give me access.

You said you did download SketchUp Pro from the link I provided.

Well, I thought I had. But it doesn’t look as that has happened. For whatever reason.

Your screenshot shows you have it downloaded, but you have not assigned the license to yourself. You signed in and started a trial before assigning yourself the seat. So that trial will run its course. You need to make sure you are signing in with the correct email, and that you are selecting the correct plan from the portal. You can have multiple plans, and since you created a trial, you may be in the wrong one…

You did download it. It’s the only thing you could have downloaded from the link I gave you.

Okay. So how do assign a licence? I’m on the Members Page now.

Select the three dots next to your name, modify product access, and check the box.
This will only work if you are in the correct account. Make sure you are in the paid account as shown in Plan Settings.

Everything you need is here -

Okay. I’ve done that and have given myself access to Pro. What’s next?

Add Licence?

You’re done, go use SketchUp!