Not getting help

I had the PRO version downloaded to my desktop. I decided to try the regular version and did not like it.
I upgraded back to PRO but I have not been sent the download.
I have checked my account and as of yet I do not have PRO.
I was charged for the upgrade instantly
I have tried numerous emails and phone calls and I have yet to get a response.
Am I missing something?

What is the “regular version”.

You wouldn’t be sent the download. You can download SketchUp Pro from

How did you check and where did you check it? If you recently purchased the license for SketchUp 2021 you would have purchased a subscription license. You should be able to just sign in to your Trimble Connect account when you open SketchUp 2021 with the e-mail address and password you set up. There is no serial number or activation code or anything with the subscription license

What SketchUp version are you referring to? Your profile says you are using 2019.

It looks like you paid for Shop and then the next day upgraded to Pro. I can see that you’re on Shop and not on Pro. I do see the upgrade transaction, but can’t tell why it didn’t complete.

Use the customer service contact page to ask why it is that your upgrade from Shop to Pro didn’t go through:

It took 5 days to get this reply.

I see your new support email from last night, and I have given a colleague the background details. She will reply to the new question.

Strangely, I couldn’t find any voicemails or emails from you since the one I answered in early January.