Trying to add new 2016 license to Sketchup Pro 2015


I just purchased a new license (2016, since it didn’t give me any other option) and I’m trying to add a license to Sketchup Pro 2015. Yes, I intentionally want to use 2015 and not 2016, since all other people that use the files I’m working on are using 2015 and are not upgrading at the moment. How can I use my new license to access Sketchup Pro 2015? I’ve tried to enter my serial number and authorization code, but it’s “invalid”.



@denisroy is right on both counts: A SketchUp license is specific to a SketchUp version. Your 2016 license will not work on 2015. But you can do “Save As” in SketchUp 2016 and choose to save as a 2015 file. You will get a warning the next time you open the file via 2016, and will have to pay attention each time you save a file for use by the 2015 folks, but it will work.