SketchUp Pro 2015 license won't activate

Hi all,

So, I’m migrating to a new PC.
I have a commercial license for SketchUp 2015 Pro which I’ve used for years.
I also have a commercial license for 2016 Pro.
Each serial is slightly different (2015 starts with QA and 2016 starts with RA).

Both are working fine on the old PC (Windows 10).
I bought SketchUp direct from Trimble and my support expired, but the programs still work fine.

On the new PC (also Windows 10)…
The 2016 license activates no problem.
The 2015 license doesn’t activate. I get the following error:

That didn’t look like valid licensing info…
check your license info and try entering it again?
(hint: copy & paste works best)

Ive tried using the 2015 and 2016 serial/authorisation with the same results. Now I could just use the 2016 version, BUT, I use a renderer (Visualiser) that is only supported up to 2015, so any ideas why the 2015 license wont activate?

Many thanks in advance,

When you activate a newer version, the older version cannot be activated on new machines anymore.

(That’s why we always recommend to start the trial first when a new release is out)

Thanks Mike.
On the new machine I installed 2015 first and it didn’t activate with the QA serial/auth.
Thats when I tried it with 2016 and the RA serial/auth, and that worked.

Is there anyway at all of getting the 2015 Pro license working again? It’s a huge workflow pain otherwise. I’d even consider buying a new license to get support to sort it out (that’s how bad lol)

The other option is to get a new easy-to-use renderer that doesn’t need a degree in operating it :slight_smile:

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@colin has been able to kick start them again in certain cases.

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That would be magnificent, if so.

Strangely, I originally bought SketchUp in its 2014 Pro version days, and found the Serial/Auth for that.
Ive managed to install that, and get it working, so it seems odd that I can install 2014 and 2016 no problem, just not 2015.

Luckily 2014 works with the renderer, BUT as all my files were created in 2015, it’s a pain to open them in 2016 when I need them, resave as 2014.skp, and then open them in 2014… So, fixing 2015 is still very, very worthwhile :slight_smile:

I put your 2015 license into a state that it should activate for a little while. I will message you the numbers, to make sure you’re getting those right.

2014 worked because you hadn’t yet tried 2016. 2014 would also fail now.

tried or trialed? :santa:

@colin Thank you so much! That is now working a treat again :slight_smile:
@MikeWayzovski I would think Colin meant trialed, as I already had 2016 activated and working when I tried 2014’s activation (which worked)

Thanks for everyone’s help. Top stuff.

I meant tried, as in trying to add the classic license.

2014 was still using an old style serial number, and that may have made a difference. The start of the serial number is PA-001-, followed by the usual numbers and letters. I’m guessing that SketchUp must have been optimistic back then, and were building in the ability to have 100 (American) Billion sales. With those numbers taken out we have to be happy with 100 Million sales.


Undetrstood, Colin.
100 million sales :open_mouth: Wowsers!
I really appreciate all the help :smiley: