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Sorry My Bad English,
Hi everyone,
I’m new to the forum and I would like to ask for help for the activation of SketchUp after a reinstallation of windows 10.
It all started because I have updated the plugin version skeng Pipe to 2016. Unfortunately, I noticed that on Sketchup 2015 3Skeng Pipe 2014 run very well, while 3Skeng Pipe 2016 with Sketchup 2016 an impressive slow, almost unusable. I got in touch with the assitance of the plugin, and after several attempts before the resignation, I decided (as ever) to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10. And here is the problem. I reinstalled decided Sketchup Pro 2015 with the idea of ​​abandoning Sketchup 2016, but I do not accept the license and do not understand why. (It always worked with that license), it will have lapsed the maintenance period but the program should still work and take action. No way. I do not know even where to turn for direct assistance with google o trimble.
Can someone help me?
Thank you


Do you have a SketchUp 2015 Pro license? The pro license is unique to each version so the license for SU2016 will not work with any other version.


Thanks for the quick response
I have the license of SketchUp in 2015 and also the license SketchUp 2016, but prior to making a clean installation of Windows 10 worked both? because?


Have you attempted to add the license for SU2015 Pro after installing the program?


Yes I tried everything, I also made the copy & paste the Advanced section but I always error.


is absurd, I used it until yesterday !!!


How can I contact Trimble?


Did you buy your license direct from Trimble or did you get it from a reseller? You can contact the SketchUp Customer Support through their website.

Keep in mind it’s Sunday here. They aren’t working right now.


It purchased directly from Trimble. Thank you so much for your help


Did you remove the license on the old installation before wiping the drive and installing Windows 10 ?

Also SketchUp 2015 does not support Windows 10.

SketchUp Release Notes (v 2016) says:

Support for El Capitan and Windows 10
Our QA team has smashed and banged on these new operating systems enough to say that SketchUp 2016 is fully compatible with Apple’s El Capitan and Microsoft’s Windows 10.


Thank you for the reply
No, I did not do it. I was wrong?
Thank you


[quote=“SketchUp Help Center : Buying or Upgrading a License”]After you authorize the new version, your old SketchUp license expires after 60 days. Here’s how this impacts the way your license works:

• If you have a single-user license, the older version of SketchUp continues working on other computers, but you can’t use the old license to authorize new computers. Be sure to upgrade and add the license to those computers in order to continue using SketchUp Pro.[/quote]


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