Reinstallation on Windows 10

I have just intalled windows 10 on one of my machines which earlier was running sketchup pro version 8 on it.
I have successfully installed the old sketchup on this computer (version 8), but I encounter a problem trying to validate it.
I get an error massage that serialnumber is not valid.

What do I do?

Did you copy paste the serial ?

Maybe the license is locked to the install on Win 8. I don’t know how SketchUp identifies computers and if it sees a computer as the same when booted with another OS. You may need to contact the your reseller and have your license released from the previous install to be able to install again.

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Yes, I copied and pasted many times. Same error every time.
And to eneroth3, I bought my copies online from sketchup I dont even know if it was Trimble at that tim. It was in 2013

There is one option after I started using sketchup you may go to help on the toolbar end select license. Here you may copy the whole text I seceived from sketchup by email and paste it in that window. Should be easy, but still I get the same answer: serialnumber not valid

If your license was permitted on only a finite number of computers, you may be required to remove the license from one of your systems in order to install the same license on the computer with the newly upgraded OS. As @eneroth3 indicated, if your former Win8 system tied up the license, you will need to get in touch with SU Tech Support (rather than a reseller) to address this.

Try reaching out to this LINK

Have a look here :
And check if your licence is for the correct version

[quote=“toma1, post:1, topic:47187”]
I have just installed windows 10 on one of my machines which earlier was running sketchup pro version 8 on it.[/quote]

You should have removed the license from this old install BEFORE installing Windows 10.

Why would you think such an old version would support running under a very recent operating system, that was not even a thought in anyone’s mind when SketchUp 8 was being developed and tested ?

Per the SketchUp Release Notes page, SketchUp 2016 is the first version to support Windows 10:

Support for El Capitan and Windows 10
Our QA team has smashed and banged on these new operating systems enough to say that SketchUp 2016 is fully compatible with Apple’s El Capitan and Microsoft’s Windows 10.

<b>Helpful links on SketchUp Licensing ...</b>


###SketchUp User Guide

The number of computers pr. license is one. I bought two. So the other one is still working. You mention tech support which costs further money to support me and I am not willing to do that. I got a guarranty that it was to last forever on that version. Every item was installed on only one computer. I should become what I bought.

Well anyway, the program works so I think I did it right. It is only the authorasation is not going fine. If you have a solloution i would be glad to hear it

Hey Mike.
I am not very well orientated on this forum yet. But thanks a lot for your answer. I saved that download (SU) when I bought it, and that is the same version that I installed once more.

I buy that Eneroth. It is locked on that computer. (this computer). The question is how to unlock it

Hey Dan,
Well it works.Everything is installed and tested. There is no problem with the program. So try to help me on what I ask about.

jvleear you are totally correct and I think the same. But how can I contact or get in touch with SU? I cant find them anywhere

SketchUp wants you to uninstall the software to unlock the license. Of course this can’t be done if the OS itself is uninstalled or if the hard drive crashes etc. For that you need the SketchUp team to release the old computer/install for you. It’s probably easiest to do this through your reseller.

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OK Eneroth. I will try to uninstall SU on that computer and try once more. Talk to you tomorrow. Thank you very much. I hope it will work.

Hi again @toma1,

Now that your former system has been upgraded to a new OS, you should know that the old licensed version of SU must be reauthorized officially in order to enable it to work again. AFAIK, This can only be accomplished thru contacting Trimble’s SketchUp Technical Support (which is provided in the link in my previous post to you). The link is repeated here for your convenience. Just click on the link and be sure to fill out the contact info in the form and I am confident that someone will get back to you soon.

Also take note of the fact that SU 8 is not fully compatible with Windows 10 systems as someone has already pointed out, so there is likely to be some noticeable loss of functionality on a Win10 system, if and when the license is restored.

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