The serial number i purchased for pro 2017 won't work on my pro 2014 (only version for Vista)


Hi I purchased sketchup pro 2017 but found out only pro 2014 supports my Windows Vista system. What should I do… Please help…

I’ve called, left voicemail, sent emails under the “contact” for so many times but no one responded. Didn’t expect this kind of service when I made the $699 purchase…


Licenses only work for the version it was purchased for. They don’t work on other versions. Are you in the US? Did you buy directly from SketchUp? Or did you buy the license through one of their authorized resellers?


I bought from sketchup official site directly and yes I’m in the US. Thanks.


If you opened a ticket with SketchUp Customer Support you’ll need to wait for them to get back to you. We can’t help you with this issue.

They would need to make a special exception to sell you a license for SU2014 considering it’s been out of support for so long.


This is probably not what you want to hear, but consider upgrading your OS to Win10.



I am sorry to learn that you are experiencing such an unfortunate issue. As the moderator of this site, I cannot rectify the situation but I can make other members of the SketchUp Team aware of your concerns, and someone among them should be able to find a favorable resolution for you.

You should send me a Private Message (PM) with your contact email information so I can forward that to the various SU Team members who can assist you.

To send a PM just click on my avatar and then hit the blue Message box. Then include your message. This transmits the information only to my SU Community inbox.


Thanks so much for all the responses. Sketchup contacted me and helped me resolve the problem by downgrading my sketchup license to pro 2014. Everything works now!


I’m glad to hear the good news and welcome to the SketchUp User Community!

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I didn’t know SketchUp could still issue such old licenses. Glad everything worked out for you :+1: .


For those of us with subscription, it would be nice to have access to licenses for older versions. For example I keep a Make 15 copy installed for using with Visualizer.
It’s nice to have with my AutoDesk maintenance subscription, just saying :wink: