Sketchup 2015 64bit upgrade

I bought a Sketchup 8 Pro license when Sketchup still belonged to Google.
I was under the impression that it was a lifetime license and was valid for any future upgrades.
I have just bought a new 64 bit machine and have installed Windows 10. When I downloaded the latest upgrade of Sketchup (2015 64 bit) and tried to enter my license key, it was REFUSED!
Can you solve this conundrum for me please?
Ivor Barnett

You can use your key with version 8 only.
If you want to use a new SketchUp PRO version, you can have a look at the “renew license” site:

it is, you can use the license of your SUP version 8 as long as you want, in the boundaries of the system requirements of version 8 of course.

lifetime updates of version 8 of course (Maintenance version 5 was the latest), lifetime upgrades to new major vesions for free …ehm… no.

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… and SketchUp does not yet support Windows 10. (SketchUp 2015 and earlier never will, as there will not be any more updates for them.)

But you can try running SketchUp under a compatibility mode. Right-click the SketchUp shortcut, and choose properties, switch the the Compatibility tab, and choose an older Windows version.

this won’t help with issues arising because it’s only delivering an old Windows version number to the requesting application launching.