Layout 2018 save as version 2017 will not open in 2017

I do get warnings that saving an older version file in SU 2018 or Layout 2018 will prevent opening the file in older versions. In Layout 2018, the File/ save as 2017 or 2016 does not create a compatible Layout file that can be opened in Layout 2017.

Anyone know of an extension or solution for this? Thanks.

Same is true with SketchUp 2018 saving as older versions.

Why is the option to save as on the menu if it will not work?

Any help appreciated.

I’ve never seen a warning indicating that saving as an older version will result in a file that won’t open in that older version. One question comes to mind: Did you install SketchUp 2018 correctly using Run as administrator from the installer’s Context menu?

To clarify - you open a file in LO 2018, use “save-as” to save it back to 2017 format, and then are unable to open that file in LO 2017? Same behavior in SketchUp? If you can share an example file where you have saved it back to 2017 format I can investigate.

Are you using “save-as” to save to a different file name or are you trying to keep the same name?


The warning comes when opening an older file in sketch up 2018. The warning says that if I save that file while working in 2018 it will not work in an older version of SU. My issue is that the file/save as an older version doesn’t work when trying to use that file in the older version of SketchUp

I’d love to get a copy of your file so we can investigate. Is it something you can share with me, either here on the forum or privately to my SketchUp email address?


I’m a bit confused about the workflow. It sounds like you are creating a model using SketchUp 2018, sending that model to Layout 2018, and then telling Layout 2018 to back-save it as 2017. Is that right? Could it be that the Layout save isn’t converting the associated SketchUp file itself, only the Layout format?

Marc, I usually rename the file with the version of sketch up in the file name that I want to be able to use the file in later. So yes the file name is unique. I will not have access to my version 2018 for another week in order to upload an example file.

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