Layout saving as 2020 not 2021

I’m using Layout to create masterplans and setting out plans etc for my garden designs in Sketchup.
When I save my Layout file, it saves as a ‘2020’ file.
When I try to open these files from the folder they’re saved in, I get a confusing error message.
When I open Layout first, then open the file, it opens fine.
What’s going on, and how do I fix it?

In the screenshot it looks like you are trying to open a 2021 Layout file in Layout 2020…

Are you double clicking on the file to open it?

yes. I have layout 2021, but it seems to be trying to open the files in 2020. But the files say they are 2020 - and when I save them there isn’t an option to save as 2021…

I was having a similar problem with SketchUp 2019 / 2020.

See if this helps…

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thank you - I’ll try that

Brilliant - it seems the problem was becuase I hadn’t removed my older versions of SketchUp. Once I uninstalled SketchUp 2020, it tried to open the files with Layout 2019 (!!). So I uninstalled all previous versions of SketchUp, leaving only 2021, and that seemed to force it to use Layout 2021 to open the file.

Bit of a strange bug, but fixed now.

Thank you so much for your help!


For future reference, you may have only needed to do a repair on your 2021 install.
That would be done by finding the install.exe (probably still in your downloads folder) select it and right click to open the context menu, choose Run as Administrator, the Repair when given the option.
This would leave your previous versions untouched.

oh - interesting - I’ll bear that in mind for 2022!


I’ve encounted the same error today - it drove me crazy.

Repair didn’t help.
Reinstall of SkethcUp 2021 didnt help.
Reassigning file associations to 2021 didn’t help.
The only solution I found was to uninstall all previous versions of SketchUp/Layout.

Then, strangely, the 2021 version decided it need to repair itself and it also signed me out, and I had to re-enter my license key to get it working again.

Also strange is that I still see the options to Open with 2019 and 2020 in my Windows right-click menu (when clicking on a SKP or Layout file).