Sketchup 2024 won't save as 2024, only as 2022

I have Sketchup and layout 2024 and the layout files are saved as 2024 in the directory and I can open them directly from there but sketchup files are all saved as 2022. When I open them from the directory microsoft asks me which program I want to open them with and sometimes says that there is a new version of sketchup avaialble and I should download it, even though I have it. Therefore when using sketchup I open the program first and then select the file which is a bit of a pain. Why does it do this and how do I make it save as 2024

since 2021 all sketchup files are the same version

sketchup 2024 doesn’t save as 2024 or 2022 format, it saves as sketchup format.

Generally, on PC, double clicking a sketchup file will open it in the latest version you properly installed. in your case it seems to be 22.

what you could try is to download the 24 installer again, right click on it; run as admin and then repair your current installation.
it should give back the opening priority to 24.

Thanks for that, I did the repair and it still saves as 2022. It used to save as 2023 until I removed 2023 from my machine in an attempt to save as 2024 but then it went to 2022. So for sketchup I still have to go through an extra step to open a file. Layout is all saved as 2024 and can open in 1 step directly


That’s the extra step? As @ateliernab indicated, SketchUp files have been the same since 2021. It doesn’t matter what year your computer sticks on the file. It’ll still open in any version since SU 2021. If it’s opening SketchUP 2022 when you double click on the file, first ensure 2024 was installed correctly. Close all SketchUp and LayOut sessions you have open. Do a power off reboot of the computer. Once things are up and running again, find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator, select Repair when given the option. After it completes reboot the computer again and check to see what version opens your files now. The repair won’t hurt anything in anycase.

Been a long time since I used a Windows machine but can’t you right click a file and assign the default application to open them?

I’ve repaired and re-booted twice, still the same thing. When I double click on a Layout file it opens up straight away. When I double click on a Sketchup file I have to choose the application to run it. If it can’t be fixed then it can’t be fixed, it’s not a game changer just annoying.

Here are two typical files in file explorer. Note that the Sketchup file does not have a Sketchup logo as the icon, it’s like that on all files.