Saving drawings in Sketchup Pro 2023

I tried to download SketchUp 2024 but was unsuccessful. So, I removed what I thought was downloaded, but then when I went back to previous drawings, and they are all saved as SketchUp 2022 and not SketchUp 2023 where they were all saved before. Is there a way to save all my drawings back to SketchUp Pro 2023? Regards

SketchUp files, since 2021, are versin agnostic. There really is no Version 2023 or 2022. You can save a file from SketchUp 2024 using the native File>Save and open it in anything from SketchUp 2021 forward. You might see a warning when you open it telling you that some features won’t be included. In SketchUp 2021 or 22 that applies to things like Snap Points that were added later. But the model will still open.

No need for any extensions for what you are asking.

Sorry but I don’t think I am explaining myself very well. I don’t have 2024 version, battled to download it and gave up due to time constraints. So went back to 2023 to open files, but as you can see by the first screenshot, they are not available to open. When searching in my client folder as per second screenshot they are all saved as 2022. So now to access them in 2023, I have to open up 2023 and open the files from there. I then save them as 2023 files, but in my client folder they revert back to 2022. The grocery cupboard in screenshot 2 was drawn as a new project this morning, using 2023, and saved, but as you can see in the client folder it has saved as 2022.

Evidently I didn’t explain myself well. It doesn’t matter if it says they are SketchUp 2022 files. They will open in SketchUp 2023 and files created in SketchUp 2023 will open in SketchUp 2022. The files are exactly the same for the different versions since SketchUp 2021.

Uninstall SketchUp 2022 and clean the registry if you don’t want to see them being shown for SketchUp 2022.

I’ll add, if you want to keep SU22 installed, simply download the SU23 installer again, right click - run as admin, and then pick repair. :slight_smile:

no need to uninstall all to reinstall as admin, running as admin and repairing should bear a similar outcome

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did it last month, I needed the files to open in 23 by default despite having 24 installed, repaired 23’s install, and then all the SKP files opened in 23 by default.

one of the permissions repaired does just that, it sets the software you repair as the default one for the .skp extension.

Thank You. Issue sorted.