Updating Featured Community Models

I’m wondering why it’s been so long since an update on Featured Community Models. It seems the current batch has been up for nearly a year now. I always found inspiration in seeing a variety of models. You used to update at least four times a year as I recall. Also with a variety of modelers, not just one,

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@TheGuz would be the right person to ask for updates to those models.

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Hey doncda! Good catch and thanks for the feedback. Knowing that folks actually enjoyed seeing updates to the featured models will help us with considerations for the NEW 3D Warehouse. It’s a bit too early to talk about it, but stay tuned for updates. Cheers!


Well, @doncda, I don’t know how often you are in the Warehouse, so I thought I’d ping ya. I’m in the Warehouse almost everyday, and discovered changes that have taken place in the past 24 to maybe 36 hours. It appears that you and I were among the very few who enjoyed the Featured Community Models as I found today that the entire index page is now gone - the FCM row with it…replaced by that labs page which is now called “My 3D Warehouse.”

We’ve lost so many small but enjoyable (and sometimes useful) things in the Warehouse…


I haven’t been in for a few days, so I wasn’t aware of the changes, but now I see what you mean! i’m not sure we were the only ones who the community models, there’s really no way of knowing since there’s no feedback in that regard. I can’t blame them. I’m still running 2017 Sketchup Make. I had a 2008 pro version with layout when I was working but never had the time to get really proficient until I retired in 2010. It was only then that I had the time, but couldn’t justify buying a pro version for what was then just a hobby. I really enjoyed the community models and was soon uploading several of my own to the warehouse. One was even featured as a community model which made me feel pretty good. I continue to upload occasionally, but I’m unable to download models of others because my version is so out of date. It feels like the focus is definitely on profitability over community or support at this point. As one who has enjoyed several years hobbling along with an old version I am just happy it still works! Including many extensions, and twilight, rendering! I don’t expect support at this point, but I am sad to see the lack of value, service or feedback the pro subscribers are complaining about lately.

If you still have Make 2017, there is an extension where you can open models created in newer versions.

A few years ago, I downloaded an extension, Eneroth Legacy Save (created by @eneroth3), that I used in Make 2014. Later, after getting a new laptop, I finally downloaded and installed Make 2017 on the recommendation of another community member. By that time, I believe eneroth had made an updated version - that one was Eneroth Open Newer Version. I have not downloaded models in Make 2014 for some time, but at the moment, I am able to download models created in SU versions 2021, 2022 and 2023 using the extension in Make 2017.

Once the model is opened, you can then do a “Save As,” and can save the model in SU versions allegedly all the way back to version 3 – I’ve never saved a model in any format older than SU8. But at least if you do use any version older than 2017, you will be able to save open a model in that older version.

Thanks for the tip, I had no idea about that extension! I’ll check that out.

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