Will Commenting be added back to 3D Warehouse models and collections?

A lot of 3D Warehouse members have been wondering this, including me. Now that trimble has the ratings (likes) taken care of, what about the comments?

Hi Clockwork,

While I can’t make statements about future product releases, I can say that we will continue to do our best to make 3D Warehouse even more awesome.

We have been listening to, and are acutely aware of the feedback that users have been submitting regarding a Commenting feature for 3D Warehouse, and we do take feedback into account when prioritizing the the things we should be working on next.


Whatever you are doing, You are taking way too long doing so… >:(

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Thanks for your feedback Tim. I agree. I can only ask for your continued patience as we work on turning your frownicon sideways.


Any updates? It has been 10 months since the comments have been removed.

@Clockwork are you a participant in SketchUp’s Beta group? If not, please PM me (mike@sketchup.com) so that we can talk about getting you signed up.

I also feel that it is high time that comments returned to the 3D Warehouse. This integral forum was one of the primary strengths of the Sketchup program. I know that I have had little to do with Sketchup since the change over, this being one of my primary issues. I am sure that I speak for many other users when I say that the sooner comments and reviews return to the warehouse the sooner the community will return to its former glory in terms of uploads and downloads.

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WHAT??? We have to now sign up for sketchup’s “Beta Group” before you can talk to us about the ratings and reviews feature being re-implemented??? What kind of nonsense is this?


WHAT??? You thought about foisting untested and unwanted code on me WITHOUT asking my opinion about ratings and reviews??? What kind of nonsense is this? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Was that meant to mock me?

Hi guys here on 3D Warehouse, I don’t understand anything other here, especially anything technical, code, or what …, only I want comments on my models back … why you removed them, I don’t understand too. Maybe you’ll not understand my english, but hope, you’ll can, if you’ll want … Thanks for answer

Hi @HINT, we understand that commenting was a feature of the old warehouse that users would like to see in the new 3D Warehouse. @MikeTadros said it best. Please stay tuned.

I can only ask for your continued patience as we work on turning your frownicon sideways.

Don’t really understand why Trimble can’t implement comments NOW. What ridiculously unfathomable reason can there be? There are literally thousands of users clamoring for this feature, not to mention the old feature set!

Hello @ricomon35

As Mike mentioned above:

Please keep in mind, there are many complex factors and moving parts. We ask you to trust us - and trust that we want SketchUp to be the best it can be in every way. Or else, we wouldn’t be here…right? Therefore, we appreciate your patience and support! :slight_smile:

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The 1 year anniversary of no comments on 3D Warehouse passed a few days ago…

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@Clockwork the one day anniversary of comments being back will be tomorrow :slight_smile:

(in other words, they’re back right now!)