Feedback on 3D Warehouse Collections

Hello everyone. I’m working on improving our collections experience and I am here asking for feedback on the existing functionality and what enhancements we could add or do to make this a better experience. Any feedback or example would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Separate portals for professional grade low-poly components (“3D Stockroom”) and people’s low-grade high-poly “model killer” models.

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sorry @DanRathbun that’s an over arching quality issue that we’re continuously working on but it won’t happen overnight. This post topic is referring to the process of adding models to collections and curating it for later.

The original post did not say this … and in fact said …

So my feedback stands as the paramount complaint of user experiences, ie, that the design of 3D Warehouse was flawed from the start by mixing novice and professional models in one place.

I suggest getting someone at Trimble to help write up these public feedback questions, as your intent is not coming through in the current words chosen.

Maybe the list of collections on the Add to collection panel could be sortable by date? When you add 15 new models to the same collection it would be nice to have that collection staying on top of the list during the process so you don’t have to scroll down to it every time.

In general I think the current UI for this works good. I can’t think of anything to change really that would be worth having users learn a new interface, just minor things that could be added.

Some cosmetic things could be adjusted but that’s more general for 3D Warehouse and not collections specifically. The gradient at the bottom of the model/collection box in list views make the whole page look very cluttered in my view, but this has already been addressed on the new search page. I assume collection pages will have the same visual appearance as search results. Maybe the collection name, icon and description could even be displayed the the corresponding left column as search filters on the search page? Or be displayed at the top until you start scrolling and then shows up at the side?

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