New 3D Warehouse Feature

So I’m not a big fan of the 3D warehouse update, where the models and products categories are now merged into one category. I preferred that it was separate, because I find the product category always has models that are very heavy/big files, and I automatically go to the models category where you’ll find models that are not as heavy.

what you you guys think?


the products clutter the other categories

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I agree, having them both separated was fine, the only issue then was that searches would open products by default. sometimes, if you didn’t pay attention, you would search for something and then find 3-4 results only and move on, simply because there were no more products.

By the way, in the filters, you can still separate by models or products only, by default it’s on Both at the same time.

so the old sorting method isn’t gone, just moved.


Thanks for the tip (it’s still an extra step I have to take but better than nothing)

Sigh…. SketchUp, please just default to models instead of products. It’s an easy switch, been requested by so many for so long now. If we are looking for over bloated high poly messes of a particular manufacturers sink, then we will navigate to products when we want to. But really, the products category is often useless. Are the manufacturers paying a premium to be featured? What is the perceived advantage of the products category by the SketchUp team? Have they used those models? They are often imported from other software and not particular well made. I humbly do not understand. Does anybody out there use the products search regularly?